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Let's Read A Story

A story about a bird - Let's Read A Story
Generative text generation using Universal Sentence Encoder - Let's Read A Story
Character illustrations using SketchRNN - Let's Read A Story
Book illustrations using SketchRNN - Let's Read A Story

Let's Read A Story

Let’s Read a story is a study on Aesop Fables and the possibility of exploring the connections between different characters and ideas from the original fables in a new and fun way using recently available machine learning tools.

πŸ“š A live demo of Let's Read A Story can be found here.

πŸ“ A short blog post that explains the background and technical aspects of the experiment can be found here.


This is an ongoing project I'm working on, which has developed into my thesis in ITP-NYU that is currently in progress. Visit again soon for more updates!

December 2018

Machine Learning, Generative Storytelling, Generative Music