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Let's Read A Story

Web experience demo - Let's Read A Story - interacting with the experience using voice.
ITP thesis presentation - Let's Read A Story
Let's Read A Story enables readers to draw and interact with machine generated drawings.
Transforming story time into a creative adventure.
Aesop fables as analyzed by Universal Sentence Encoder | Tensorflow projector
By analyzing original story progressions, the application knows how to collaborate and generate new narratives with readers. Read more details in the blog post.

Let's Read A Story

Write an interactive and immersive children's story with a computer using text and speech.

Let’s Read A Story is an exploration on how computers and technology can turn story time into a conversation between parents, children and a computer. The project takes the corpus of Aesop fables and investigates the possibility of exploring the connections between different characters and ideas from the original fables in a new and fun way using machine learning language models.

📚 A live demo of Let's Read A Story can be found at

📝 A blog describing the thought process and some of the technical aspects I encountered while designing and building the project can be found here.

Top prize, data science category, NYC Media Lab ’19


Let’s Read A Story was created as my thesis project at ITP (NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications program).

December 2018

Machine Learning, Generative Storytelling, Generative Music