Itay Niv

Hi 👋 I'm Itay!

I'm an interactive designer and creative technologist working in an array of formats and domains, bridging the digital and the physical.
Currently based in NYC, recent graduate (2019) of NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP).

Driving School

VUI, Voice Experiment, Javascript, 3D Animation, Art Direction

Let's Read A Story

Machine Learning, Generative Storytelling, Generative Art


Musical instrument, Interaction Design


Data Visualization, Data Sonification, Musical instrument, Interaction Design

Musical Gear Table

Physical Computing, Musical instrument, Interaction Design

The Exquisite Corpse

Interactive Art, Social VR


AR, Interactive Art, Interactive Design

Flock Sound

Generative Music, Machine Learning

The Way Thing AR

AR, Interactive Art


Music Experiment, Voice Interface

Alooma Intro Video

3D Animation, Art Direction

UX/UI, Brand, Interactive Design, Data Visualisation


Physical Computing, Game Design, Interaction Design

Interaction Design, Product Design

Memory boxes

Wood Fabrication, Sculpture